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Brassfield Elementary PTA hosts a number of activities for students. Below are brief descriptions of clubs and events in the Enrichment Committee. Please join the club-specific hubs for more information.

Robotics Club: Fosters enthusiasm for creativity, teamwork, engineering, and science through the design, construction, testing, and presentation of robotic systems. Grades 4 & 5, starts 8/29/17, ends 6/5/18, meets on Tuesdays @ 8am in the Learning Commons. Application deadline is Friday, 8/25.

Chess Club: For students with an interest in learning chess, sportsmanship, and match play. Grades K-5, starts 9/7/17, ends 6/7/18, meets 1st and 3rd Thursdays @ 8am in the Learning Commons.

Coding Club: Explore basic computer science concepts through programs, activities, STEM toys, and game design. Grades 1-5, tracks 2 & 3 start 9/13/17, meets Wednesdays @ 8am in the Learning Commons. Track 2 registration has ended. Track 3 registration is 8/21 to 9/5.

Lego Club: Fun with Legos based on both themes and free-builds. Join us and unleash your creativity! Grades K-5, starts 9/14/17, ends 5/10/18, meets 2nd and 4th Thursdays @ 8am in the Learning Commons.

Running Club: Do you enjoy running? During our weekly runs we will work on building endurance and speed while fostering a love of running. Grades 3-5, starts 9/6/17, ends 11/15/17, meets Wednesdays @ 3:45-4:45 pm.

Odyssey of the Mind: Grades K-5, starts in September, meeting time and place TBD. Applications are due by 9/1/17 for tracks 1,3, and 4; and by 9/13/17 for track 2.

Morning Movement Club: Meet to move and get your wiggles out before the school day starts! More information coming soon.

Super Kids Days: Tracks 2 & 3 on 4/6/18; tracks 1 & 4 on 5/11/18. More information coming soon.

Math and Science Extravaganza: 2/1/18, 6-8pm. More information coming soon.

Cultural Arts Events: More information coming soon.

What is the class size mandate?

The maximum individual K-3 class sizes will drop from 24 students to: K: 18, 1st: 16, and 2nd: 17 students. For a year round school like ours, imagine pulling 2 students from the K class as they graduate to 1st and then adding one back when they rise to 2nd. Children need some stability and consistency. Pulling one or two kids from a track and switching them year to year and possibly from track to track will have broad reaching implications for families with older siblings.



TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEKS - Tracks 1, 2, & 4: May 7-11, or Track 3 is May 21-25.
Join us to celebrate all our teachers. As in year’s past each class will have a teacher pairing, so please honor both teachers. Sign up to help with school wide TA requests and get the details.

Spring Carnival - Friday, June 1st - Come One, Come All!

Brassfield’s first Spring Carnival will be held on Friday, June 1st in the Lower Field @ 5-8 PM. Bring the family out to enjoy inflatables, games, food, prizes, face painting, a cake walk, a dunk booth and more.

Graduation Committee Request

The 5th Grade Graduation Committee is looking for a wireless photo printer to borrow for the days of the event (June 7for Track 1 and June 29 for Tracks 2,3,and 4). We’d like to do a photo booth for the kids and then be able to print out the photos for them to take home. (We will provide the photo paper.) If you have a printer that you are willing to lend us for the event, please email Melinda Hemphill. Thank you!!

School Wide Volunteer Opportunities

We have many volunteer opportunities throughout the school year, and we welcome all help even if it's 1 hour, 1 day, once a month or once a year! Every little bit helps further our goal to improve the kids experiences at school and their educational opportunities. Next week, we'll be sending out a link and information regarding our PTA positions that are still open. Please click the heading to access volunteer opportunities available throughout the coming year, and we appreciate your service!

- Brassfield PTA

Upcoming Dates & Events

  • May
    • 5/14/2018 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM Drama Club Dress Rehearsal, Grades 3-5, Tracks 1 & 4
    • 5/15/2018
      • 4:15 PM Drama Club Performance for Family, Grades 3-5, Tracks 1 & 4
      • Marco’s Pizza Day – Track 3; Order your child’s decorated pizza box. (919)847-7775 Order online at
    • 5/16/2018
      • Marco’s Pizza Day – Track 4; Order your child’s decorated pizza box. (919)847-7775 Order online at
      • 9:30 AM K-2 Assembly Performance by the Drama Club,Location: 10:30 AM 3-5 Assembly
    • 5/18/2018
      • Tracks 1 & 4, Super Kids Day Raindate
      • 5:30 PM Movie Night- Pizza @ 5:30pm, Movie @ 6:30pm
    • 5/21/2018 Track 3 Teacher Appreciation Week
    • 5/28/2018 Holiday, No School,
    • 5/31/2018
      • 2:15 PM Tracks 1 & 3, K-2, Pawsitive Paws Celebration
      • 2:40 PM Tracks 1 & 3, 3-5, Pawsitive Paws Celebration
  • June
    • 6/7/2018
      • Track 1, Last Day of School
      • 9:30 AM Track 1, 5th grade Graduation
    • 6/11/2018
    • 6/21/2018
      • 2:15 PM Tracks 2 & 4, K-2, Pawsitive Paws Celebration
      • 2:40 PM - 3:00 PM Tracks 2 & 4, 3-5, Pawsitive Paws Celebration
    • 6/29/2018
      • Tracks 2, 3, 4, Last Day of School
      • 9:30 AM 5th grade Graduation